Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox to see this bright pink box addressed to me.. I was so happy to find a beautiful necklace inside along with a note indicating someone purchased me a 3 month subscription to the! I couldn’t stop smiling.. It really made my day!  What an amazing idea…delivering a smile once a month.  In the spirit of the paying it forward, I immediately purchased a subscription for a friend who was battling cancer and could use a pretty pink pick up every month!  I can’t wait for my next pinkpaperpackage….

Dora G

I recently used Pink Paper package to send a subscription to a dear friend who is completing her last three treatments in beating her breast cancer. The surprise she received and the happiness that it brought her to know that someone was thinking of her was priceless! I love that the owners Molly and Stacey are so passionate about giving back and creating a wonderful gift that celebrates everyone. I look forward to using their services again in the future and highly recommend Pink Paper package- it’s the gift that literally keeps on giving!

Missy D

One of the many great aspects of Pink Paper Package is that the thoughtful surprise comes to a friend more than once. Many times we look to reach out to a friend or family member right when hardship strikes. But often, tough times have a way of lingering, and uplifting support is need during the entire chapter. Pink Paper Package allows the recipients to receive a special surprise once a month over a specified amount of time, which in turn reminds them again and again that they are cared for and loved.

Jenny K

I was so surprised when I opened my mailbox and found a bright pink box addressed to me. That alone brightened my day. I opened it to find a beautiful pair of two toned earrings and a gorgeous smelling hand cream. I tucked this special hand cream into my purse. And every time i wear my earrings, I receive compliments. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I CAN’T WAIT to see what comes next month!!!! Thank you, Pink Paper Package!!!

Kerry S

Checked my mail, and look what i received from PINK PAPER PACKAGE!!! A beautiful scarf from my beautiful friend Molly (who helped me through a very tough time!)!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It really is such a special, touching thing to be thought about!!

Anne S

A little pink surprise was waiting for me when I got home yesterday… Love the Pink box, the candle gift and the lavender sachet! Of course this unexpected gift will raise any women’s spirits.

Donna S

Oh my gosh – when I saw the pink box in my mailbox this morning I jumped for joy – it is SO FUN! A beautiful necklace and lavender sachet were enclosed… This is fantastic! I would NEVER buy something like this for myself and absolutely love them.

Jennifer G

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY PINK PAPER PACKAGE GIFTS!!!!!! 👛ðŸŒļI LOVE them! It has meant the world to me to receive those wonderful presents. 💕 thank you for thinking of me… over and over again!!!

Amy K.

I received my 3rd hot pink box. What a fancy eye glass holder and blinged out pen. You have surely made me smile a few times and I thank you for that.

Kathy H.