Gift Organizer

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If you are anything like we are, you value the people in your life and would love to remember to thank them or honor them on the right occasion. How do you remember all the holidays and special people in your lives?? The answer is to get organized.

It is a new year and the perfect time to set yourself up right. The first step is to make a list of people you would like to give a gift to this year. The next step is to write down the exact dates or month that you need to send them the gift. Organize this list by month.

You can keep your Gift Organizer Calendar on your desktop and refer to it on a particular day of the week , or you can enter the dates into your personal calendar and set a reminder for a week in advance to purchase/send the gift so that it will arrive on time.

Below is a list of National Holiday for you to refer to and help you in planning the best gift giving year ever!


2016 National Holidays to remember:


February 14th Valentines Day

March 4th Employee Appreciation Day

April 27th Administrative Professionals Day

May 6th National Nurses Day

May 8th Mother’s Day

June – Goodbye and thank you gifts for TEACHERS

June – Graduation gifts

June 19th Father’s Day

August 7th National Friendship Day

August 11th Sons and Daughters Day

September 11th National Grandparents Day

October 17th Boss’s Day

November 11th Veterans Day

December 25th Christmas and Hanukkah