What makes a gift a real ‘gift’?

What makes a gift a real ‘gift’?

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This time of year, people are searching high and low to find the perfect gift. We run around searching stores, surfing the internet, and considering one option after another. There are difficult people to buy for…and there are treasured family and friends that inspire you to shop for that ‘just right’ item. In either of these cases, we are left hunting… and ultimately stressed about the process.

Before you begin this complicated search, we believe you should step back and think for just one moment. What is it you are really trying to accomplish?? Are you trying to find a gift that will gain you some level of acknowledgment? Is your quest for the right item about the recipient, or your ability to accomplish something for yourself? There are certainly people in all our lives who have a natural ability to find an amazing present in little or no time at all. They have ‘perfect gift’ radar. For those of us who don’t always find it that easy, we would like to remind you of a few key aspects of true ‘gifts’ and the process of giving.

A true gift is not something that someone asked for. It makes shopping easier, but it eliminates the element of surprise – and it gives away the ability for the gift giver to show their recipient that they really know them.

Meaning comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is obvious when you have the personality of your loved one in mind. What makes them happy? What sparks their interest and shows you have connected to their heart? Will the present you have chosen continue to bring them joy past the moment of unwrapping?

Experiences can make great gifts too. Memories matter.

Picture the moment of unwrapping as you shop this holiday season, and see the face and the personality behind the purchase. The shared joy of that exchange will last longer than just the time it takes to give that gift.

These will become some of the small moments we all treasure in life. We realize then that the gifts themselves do not have to be grand to be loved. They are most cherished when your recipient knows you have thought deeply of them.

Remember, it is not the item itself, it’s the thought and smile behind that item.
Real giving is the art of putting love into the surprise itself.

“it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”

Mother Teresa.